50 Smartest Colleges In America

The Ivy League and Stanford  are not the smartest colleges in America. It is,Washington University in St. Louis, which emerged top of Lumosity’s annual ranking of the “smartest colleges in America.”

MIT, last year’s winner, came in second, followed by Princeton University, Northwestern, and Carnegie Mellon.  Surprisingly, Harvard and Yale came in eight and ninth, respectively, and Stanford settled down in twelfth place.

For rankings of the colleges, this particular study examined game play data from 72,388 college students who played Lumosity games that challenge five cognitive areas: memory, processing speed, flexibility, attention and problem solving. In 2012, Lumosity unveiled its first list of America’s Smartest Colleges using game play data from its database of human cognitive performance-the largest of its kind in the world.

To have a look at the complete study and a list of 50 smartest colleges in the US, click here.

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