Team Knowledge Empowered


We are always in search of knowledge, and our quest for knowledge never ends. Every day, we learn something new that helps us unlearn some of  our past misgivings. We thrive on each other’s learning,  and it is this “Cognitive Surplus” that helps us explore new knowledge frontiers.


Team Knowledge Empowered believes:

No matter who you are, you’re never done learning.

That’s why we’re committed to continue our Quest that will bring cheers to all of us, our team and learners as well. And that’s really what it’s all about. Let’s meet the team, whose journey never ends:


"Mentor"Ravindra Kumar Verma, Mentor, Cloud Education

Ravindra Kumar Verma, VP , 99Oranges,  is an IT industry veteran.  Over the years, Ravi has been associated with  software product development, project management, and a keen enthusiast of  new and emerging technologies and their potential application on client engagements.

Ravi is now focusing on the most promising field of Cloud Computing, and precisely exploring the security issues in cloud based identity management.

Ravi is the guiding force for Knowledge Empowered’s bloggers writing about Cloud Education.

Ravi holds a B.Tech from Amravati University


Pankaj K. Choudhary, Editorial Coordinator

Pankaj is a journalist by aptitude, and  his intellect thrives on Marquez, Kafka and Kundera. After writing for years for various career magazines, he has published his own magazine, Info Next, a current affairs bi-monthly, for the aspirants of Indian Civil Services, India’s most avowed competitive examination.

Being editorial coordinator for Knowledge Empowered, Pankaj is responsible for guiding the contributor bloggers to write about the topical issues in the domains of education, career and learning.

Pankaj holds a Graduate degree in Economics from the Bhagalpur University.


Dharmvir Kumar, Editorial Quality Assurance

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort”, believes Dharmvir Kumar. He is the man who  takes care of copyediting and  presentation style of information content.

Having worked with Thomson Digital , Aptara Corp and  Civil Services Chronicle for years, Dharmvir moves to Knowledge Empowered. Technically adept in almost all aspects of publishing, he worked on various books and journals for John Wiley, MacGraw-Hill,Pearsons Books, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins , to name a few.

Dharmvir has many books to his credit, among which books on  Statistics and Science & Technology are very popular.

Dharmvir is a graduate  in Mathematical Statistics from Delhi University.


Chetan Nayak, Tech Blogger

Chetan’s interest in cloud computing has brought him to Knowledge Empowered.  He explores opportunities  in cloud that  provides  the perfect infrastructure to deliver educational solutions  to  both institutions and learners.

Professionally, he is a networking geek, and a Cloud Computing enthusiast. Presently, he is working with Cheil India. Previously, he was with Tech Mahindra and HCL Infosystem. In Knowledge Empowered, he contributes as a tech blogger, and his views are personal.

Chetan holds Masters in Computer Applications from IMS, U.P. Technical University.


But, the team doesn’t stop here. At the very core of  Knowledge Empowered is a team of bloggers, who work assiduously for the enrichment of Knowledge Empowered.