Adobe Announces Scholarships To Boost Creative Cloud


Enhancing  teaching and learning and better preparing students for their future careers, Adobe has launched  Adobe® Creative Cloud™  and Adobe Creative Suite® 6 for institutions, educators and students.

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In the “era of the ‘3Cs’ – creativity, communication and collaboration – driven by how digital media is revolutionizing teaching and learning”, Adobe Creative Cloud and CS6 applications makes it easier for educators to create and deliver digital education content across devices, cloud, and social platforms. Adobe Creative Cloud is a hub where students and educators can explore, share and deliver creative content using any of the Adobe Creative Suite 6 desktop applications.

According to a  study conducted by Adobe to identify attitudes and beliefs about creativity and provide insights into the role of creativity in business, education and society, ” adults generally value creativity and believe that it’s key to economic success, but also feel that our educational institutions are stifling creativity”.

(Read the “State of Create” study here)

To help students pursue creative careers and find innovative ways to improve their communities, Adobe launched a million dollar scholarship fund for high school seniors “around the world who participate in the Adobe Youth Voices program, which will help them go to the next level with their education.

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