Apps That Teach Kids To Create Their Own Book

Book Creator

Set aside your legitimate fear of touchscreen adversely affecting kids’ reading habit. Let’s talk about a number of iPad apps that could actually enhance students’ reading habit; some of them could even discover the author in kids at the very early stage.

Through Creative Book Publisher kids could create original works in the standard e-book/e-pub format, and then they could share their work with classmates and teachers. With images, audio and even video features, these e-books could give students a greater learning experience.

Book Creator for iPad has many features which make kids feel they are in complete control. The final product created by kids can be submitted to iBookstore and read on iBook. Users can choose photos, import music or video, and record sound effect or narration. The text font choices are the same as available on iPads.

And what about a digital book where digital narration accompanies the text of the story.

Little Bird Tales – Easy Digital Stories for Kids has a variety of tools which make this possible. Budding author will also love seeing their stories come to life in the pages of the Little Bird Tale application. Kids (traditional) reading habit might be in danger. But who will compalin as long as kids are reading, creating and sharing digital contents.

Adapted From: These iPad Apps Help Students Turn the Page on Book Publishing

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