Cyber Law : An Emerging Career Option


Cyber law is one of the emerging career options. The present cyber law education trends in India show that online cyber law education in India would be the norm in the near future.


Equity Analysis As A Career


Welcome to the beautiful world of stock market. Some may object to calling it a beautiful world. They would prefer to call it an uncertain world. In truth, this is the combination of both – beautiful and uncertain. In this beautifully uncertain business, fortune changes every day.


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Hot Job Prospects In Big Data

Big Healthcare Data'

The Big Data revolution is creating a new breed of hybrid business IT jobs, ones that blend business knowledge and powerful IT tools to the benefit of tech-savvy line-of-business professionals.


Career in Animation: A Creatively Fulfilling Industry


Animation has evolved into a lucrative career option. NASSCOM has projected a creation of an additional 300,000 jobs in this sector in next few years.


Career in Environment Science

Environmental Science as a career offers immense job opportunities. The word ‘Environmental Science’ incorporates within it several activities for the protection of the environment. A career in environment studies calls for a strong interdisciplinary perspective. One can choose from an incredible diversity of career options centered on environmental concerns.


How To Build Career in Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing is supposed to generate at least 14 million new jobs across the globe within the next three years. The best way to start building your career in cloud computing is by earning some cloud computing certifications.


Investment Banking: Can It Be A Career Option For You?

Investment banking

Investment banking is one of the most favored career options among the youth of India as it is a money-spinning job that provides opportunities to grow. However, you shouldn’t go into investment banking just for the money—the lifestyle is too demanding. To survive in investment banking, much less to do well, you’ll need to like the work itself. And, even if you love the work, an investment banking career can still be a tough road. So if you like fast-paced, deal-oriented work; are at ease with numbers and analysis; have a tolerance for risk; and don’t mind putting your personal life on hold for the sake of your job, then investment banking may be a great career choice. But if this doesn’t sound like you, a job in investment banking could turn out to be a bad dream come true.


MBA : A Career Option

An MBA (Masters of Business Administration) is seemingly the most prestigious qualification in the world to resolve all of your raised queries. An MBA degree from a reputed institute opens immense opportunities for you. Companies like Accenture, Bain, McKinsey & Co, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley treat the MBA qualification as essential for career changers seeking to join their firms.