Online Learning Going Beyond MOOCs


  It was more than a year ago when Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) have burst onto the scene. The online movement has been spearheaded mostly by Coursera, edX, and Udacity. Students in countries like India and Brazil have been signing up in droves for these massive open online courses, or MOOCs, offered for free [...]


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MOOCs At The Crossroads


In a major setback to MOOCs education, San Jose University recently, announced to suspend  its for credit courses on the Udacity website after more than half of those who enrolled on their courses failed to pass them. The end of the experiment represents a blow for MOOC sites hoping to use the San Jose experiment [...]


Blended Learning: Combining Face-to-Face and Online Education

Blended Learning

Disruptive innovations fundamentally transform a sector by replacing expensive, complicated, and inaccessible products or services with much less expensive, simpler and more convenient alternatives. Blended learning is a disruptive innovation in education that can take many forms. Blended learning refers to any time a student learns, at least in part, at a brick-and-mortar facility and [...]


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How Touchscreen Is Disrupting The Education

Touch Screen Device

Not so long ago, touchscreen technology was just a fiction which could be found in science fiction books and film. Within a short span of time, it has turned into fact. It is hard to imagine getting through our daily tasks without a tablet or smartphone. Touchscreens are everywhere. Now, it has edged into education [...]


Gamification Of Education


College is not a game. But that doesn’t mean games can’t be used to engage students. Gamification is a relatively new word for an old concept. It’s about finding new incentives to guide students on their education journey .


MOOCs: Democratizing Education

Clay Shirky: ‘We lecture other people every day about learning from history. Now it’s our turn’

The top 250 colleges in the US cover only three per cent of the current US student population.
Outside the elite institutions, though, the other 75% of students in the US


Cyber Law : An Emerging Career Option


Cyber law is one of the emerging career options. The present cyber law education trends in India show that online cyber law education in India would be the norm in the near future.


Equity Analysis As A Career


Welcome to the beautiful world of stock market. Some may object to calling it a beautiful world. They would prefer to call it an uncertain world. In truth, this is the combination of both – beautiful and uncertain. In this beautifully uncertain business, fortune changes every day.


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Bill Gates On The Future of Higher Education

Bill Gates

Bill Gates talks about his vision for how colleges can be transformed through technology.


Hot Job Prospects In Big Data

Big Healthcare Data'

The Big Data revolution is creating a new breed of hybrid business IT jobs, ones that blend business knowledge and powerful IT tools to the benefit of tech-savvy line-of-business professionals.