Apps That Teach Kids To Create Their Own Book


Set aside your legitimate fear of touchscreen adversely affecting kids’ reading habit. Let’s talk about a number of iPad apps that could actually enhance students’ reading habit; some of them could even discover the author in kids at the very early stage. Through Creative Book Publisher kids could create original works in the standard e-book/e-pub [...]


Tools That Help Flip The Classroom

Flip The Classroom

Flipping the classroom is one of the hottest trends in education. Below is a simple list designed to help get any educator, administrator, student, or parent a bit more familiar with some of the most popular web tools for flipped classrooms: Wikispaces :  It is a free and useful web tool designed to give students [...]


Must Have Mobile Apps for College Students

Mobile Apps for College Students

You are not a well-organized college student. Everywhere you go, you forget one or other important thing. Don’t worry. If you have got a smartphone or tablet, then you can choose from many amazing mobile apps especially designed for you. Most of them are free, and all of them are fabulously functional. Here are some [...]


100 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools


Penzu  is a great tool to encourage students to do some online journaling and then they can share their entry via email, while, Collaborize Classroom  takes students to the next level of thinking a writing! It is a free collaborative education platform for students and teachers. Teachers recommend Wikispaces, because “it is so ready for students to edit pages [...]


How To Use Google Glass In Education


Google Glass has the potential to bring exciting new possibilities to teachers and students alike. The Glass can be used for a variety of purposes which don’t require any taps or navigation, responding instead to voice commands. It can be used to record videos, share content, take images, and detect objects in front of you and [...]


Moodle: An Open Source Learning Management System


Moodle is an Open Source Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It has become very popular among educators around the world as a tool for creating online dynamic web sites for their students.


Create Video Lesson Online with Ted Ed

TED-Ed I How Social Media can Make History_Praveen

TED, the conference dedicated to “Ideas Worth Spreading,”  has taken quite a few steps in past few months towards its  educational mission. After launching a TED Ed video channel on YouTube,  it has expanded its TED Ed initiative with a new set of interactive features”Flip the Video“, which makes it easier for you to create [...]


Software Applications And Web Tools For Education


Rapid changes in the computer and communication  have prompted to  incorporate technology in educational functions. Educational applications, software programs designed to run on PCs, iPads,smartphones, cellphones, etc,   help students, educators, teachers, are precisely changing the way interaction, contribution and collaboration are done in today’s education system.  Educational software and web tools have precisely  revved up the [...]