Collaborating In An Age Of Networked Intelligence

Openness. It’s a word that denotes opportunity and possibilities. Open-ended, open hearth, open source, opens door policy, open bar and so on. And everywhere the world is opening up, and it’s a good thing. Why is this happening? The technology revolution is opening the world.   What if we could connect ourselves in this world [...]


Create Video Lesson Online with Ted Ed

TED-Ed I How Social Media can Make History_Praveen

TED, the conference dedicated to “Ideas Worth Spreading,”  has taken quite a few steps in past few months towards its  educational mission. After launching a TED Ed video channel on YouTube,  it has expanded its TED Ed initiative with a new set of interactive features”Flip the Video“, which makes it easier for you to create [...]


Truth And Myths About Brain Cancer Using Cell Phones


Can using a cell phone cause brain tumors?

A Danish study says use of cell phones does not raise the risk of brain tumors. It immediately comes under fire from groups that say the danger is real.


Carbon Dioxide And The Greenhouse Effect


This video  from MIT+K12 will explore human influence on climate. In particular, it shows an experiment showing how greenhouse gasses absorb long wave-radiation comparatively more than air. RecommendShareTweetEmail Post


Basic English Grammar – MOST, ALMOST, or ALMOST ALL?

Most, almost, or almost all? In this English lesson for beginners, we examine a common mistake students make. Do ‘almost all’ and ‘most’ mean the same thing? “Almost cats like birds”, “almost all cats like birds”, or “most cats like birds”? What is the difference? Almost all of you will get something from this lesson.