Time To Introduce Social Media Education in School

social media

Many youngsters use social media without having an understanding of its power. This is the manifestation of education without learning. The practice which all of us were so used to until recently. With education coming on to social media platform, youngsters need to be equipped with all the bells and whistles of this platform. Challenge [...]


Big Trends In MOOCs

California-based MOOC provider Coursera

The rapid expansion of massive open online courses (MOOCs) has left many in international higher education asking how they can compete. With elite American universities dominating the emerging market, will foreign institutions be left behind? The California-based MOOC provider Coursera counts eight foreign institutions among its 33 university partners. Meanwhile, 12 universities in the United [...]


The History Of eLearning Infographic 2012


  AIn 1924, Ohio State University professor Sidney Pressey invented the “Automatic Teacher”, the first device in electronic learning. The “Automatic Teacher” was designed to let students drill and test themselves. However, this first try wasn’t successful. In 1954, Harvard professor BF Skinner created the “Teaching Machine” for use in schools. The teaching machine was [...]


Five Big Trends To Define Higher Education In 2013


Introduction of MOOC (massive Open Online Course), explosive growth in online courses, increase in enrollment in online courses, these are some of the big trends that have transformed higher education in 2012. In 2012, new high growth players entered the online education sector. Universities aligned around interactive platforms. All these activities have helped popularize online [...]


The Future Of Higher Education [INFOGRAPHIC]


The rapid changes in Higher Education has been staggering. Have a look at the insightful infographic on the “Future of Higher Education”: RecommendShareTweetEmail Post


Online Courses: Technology’s Educational Value or Possibilities of Lower Costs?

Massive Open Online Courses

Are MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)  the answer to our pedagogical shortcomings? Are MOOCs due to the technology’s intrinsic educational value or to the seductive possibilities of lower costs? A MOOC is massive open online course; it is a tuition-free course taught over the Web to a large number of students.The current wave  of MOOCs [...]


creativeLIVE Received $7.5 m Investment From Greylock Partners

creativeLIVE , a live, online classroom for creative entrepreneurs, has just announced that it has received a $7.5 million Series A investment from Greylock Partners.


New York Univ And Codecademy To Teach Computer Programming


The department of media, culture, and communication in NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development recently announced a partnership with Codecademy to provide a 10-week programming course this semester.


Teacherpreneurs And the Future of Education

“… what happens when teachers think like entrepreneurs?” You get true innovation inside of the classroom. You get teacherpreneurs like Charles Best (DonorsChoose), Salman Khan (Khan Academy), and Jen Schnidman (Kickboard). I believe in order to truly change education, we need more “teacherpreneurs: classroom experts who teach while also serving as teacher education, policy researchers, community [...]


Online Courses vs. Class Room Teaching: Self-improvement vs. Self-formation


“At Ursinus College, where I teach, the faculty and administration work individually and collectively to help our students cultivate judgment…College should be a transformative experience for them, and they will need guidance.” “In a classroom setting, peer review can work wonders. With a teacher’s guidance, students learn to evaluate complex material, to criticize and to benefit [...]