Cloud Revolutionizing Distance Education

Advent of 90s, saw emerging software companies were the forerunners in online education, developing proprietary learning management systems (LMS) to serve colleges and jostling for clients.

Now “cloud” computing is offering the delivery and storage of an array of computing services on the Internet coupled with the increased use of mobile devices and other changes in the industry is poised to again alter the face of online education.

According to recent report from the Instructional Technology Council  (ITC), two-year colleges are increasingly using cloud-based solutions, which is accelerating the shift toward using shared applications and mobile devices to access content.

Cloud computing offers an alternative platform that gives educators more control over their virtual learning environment. Colleges can use free, open-source cloud programs to develop their own systems, fledging companies are licensing to colleges systems that manage cloud platforms. Cloud-based systems are also less expensive than computer-tethered LMS programs.

Adapted from “The ‘cloud’ is shifting tech-based education”. Read the complete story here.

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