Collaborating In An Age Of Networked Intelligence

Openness. It’s a word that denotes opportunity and possibilities. Open-ended, open hearth, open source, opens door policy, open bar and so on. And everywhere the world is opening up, and it’s a good thing. Why is this happening? The technology revolution is opening the world.


  • What if we could connect ourselves in this world through a vast network of air and glass?
  • Could we go beyond just sharing information and knowledge? Could we start to share our intelligence?
  • Could we create some kind of collective intelligence that goes beyond an individual or a group or a team to create, perhaps, some kind of consciousness on a global basis?

This is not an information age; it’s an age of networked intelligence. It’s an age of vast promise, an age of collaboration, where the boundaries of our organizations are changing, of transparency, where sunlight is disinfecting civilization, an age of sharing and understanding the new power of the commons, and it’s an age of empowerment and of freedom.

Don Tapscott takes a eagle-eyed look at our digital, connected, hyper collaborative world. He’s the chair of Moxie Insight and has written 14 books about aspects of this new world, helping readers understand where the world is heading as our civilization fundamentally reshapes itself. In 1995, his book “The Digital Economy” was among the first to show how the internet would change the way we did business; in 2000, he defined the Net Generation and the “digital divide” in Growing Up Digital.

Have a look at the video , where Don Tapscott explains how Collaboration can occur on an astronomical basis in a new generation of digital natives. He helped us understand that social media’s becoming social production. It’s not about hooking up online. This is a new means of production in the making. The open world is bringing empowerment and freedom and now the technology genie is out of the bottle. The Internet enables each of us to be a producer. The Internet gives us access, not just to information and knowledge, but to the intelligence contained in the crania of other people on a global basis.


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