Financing Your Course At LBS

Various loan programmes that you can avail of to finance your studies at London Business Schools:

Prodigy Finance Loan Programme

Prodigy Finance Loan Programme , an innovative way of helping students finance their MBA or Full-time Masters in Finance programme.

Prodigy Finance works with community stakeholders, primarily the School itself, but also other investors, to offer competitive rates to student from over 150 nationalities.

Once you have accepted a place on the London Business School MBA or Full-time MiF, you can apply directly through Prodigy’s website. At this time, only accepted full-time MBA 2015 and MiFFT2014 students are eligible, and offers are dependent on the level of funds available. Prodigy Finance loans can only be used for tuition.

Click here , to find out more about the terms and conditions and to apply for a loan from Prodigy Finance Ltd.


Career Development Loans

To qualify for a Career Development Loan, you must usually be an EU national resident in England, Scotland or Wales, with an unlimited right to remain in the United Kingdom (UK).

Find out more:


Direct Loan Programme

To be eligible you must be:

  • Enrolled at least half time in an approved school such as London Business School
  • A US citizen or national, or a permanent resident without conditions and with proper evidence of eligibility


How to apply

View the following documents for detailed information about how to apply:  Direct Stafford Loan  and Direct Plus Loan .


Loan Schemes Specific To Geographic Areas

Some loan schemes are restricted to a country or global region:

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