Free Online Course On Web Application Engineering by Udacity

Nowadays, Web applications are almost omnipresent. The Web has become a platform not only for information delivery, but also for eCommerce systems, social networks, mobile services, and distributed learning environments.

Udacity, a digital university on a mission to democratize education, has launched a free online course in Web Applications Engineering.

And to the delight of students willing to join the course, Steve Huffman, co-founder the social news site , is the instructor and facilitator of this course.

Scope of the Course

Students enrolled in CS253 are introduced to how the web works, HTTP and web applications. With the goal of building a blog application in mind, Huffman leads students through all of the necessary aspects for the application to be user-friendly and accessible to millions. This involves learning about how to obtain and process user information, creating databases and storing information, security protocols, using application-programming interfaces (APIs), and most importantly how to grow and sustain the app.

Eligibility For the  Course

The course, CS253 Web Applications Engineering, requires  a  moderate amount of computer science knowledge, which focuses mainly on systems and web architecture.

Have a look at the overview of the course :

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