How To Use Google Glass In Education

Google Glass has the potential to bring exciting new possibilities to teachers and students alike. The Glass can be used for a variety of purposes which don’t require any taps or navigation, responding instead to voice commands. It can be used to record videos, share content, take images, and detect objects in front of you and look up related information like directions or maps.

Mellisa Burke, marketing and content manager for International Reviews ,   has identified five ways educators and students may be able to leverage Google Glass:

These are:

  1. Learn new languages: Google Glass’ Text Based Translations In Real Time feature will be helpful in language learning courses
  2. Help creating presentations and research materials: Its ability to shoot quick videos and images will be helpful for students when they’re preparing some types of presentations or documenting research
  3. Quick on-the-go research: With web browser available in the air at all times, searching information, making notes out of it, bookmarking important pages for later use and much more could be possible on the go.
  4. Build portfolios: The ease of capturing visual content can be used by students to add real-life elements to their portfolios
  5. New courses, skills, and careers: Like Apple iPod, Google Glass too is expected to lead to new application and technology innovations. When it comes to disrupting education, Google Glass and spin-off technologies will have as much potential as Spartphone Apps have today.

Adapted From: 5 Ways Google Glass Can Be Used in Education


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