India To Be Largest Provider Of Global Talent: EY-FICCI Report

A FICCI- EY Report on Higher Education in India: Vision 2030 states that the Indian higher education system in 2030 will emerge as a role model for high quality affordable educational system and will become a global magnet of aspiring learners. The higher education system will not only be equipped to address the socio-economic imperatives of the country in 2030, but also lead globally in excellence and quality. The system will successfully address the current challenges that are plaguing the Indian education system, namely lack of equitable access, issues pertaining to outdated curricula and pedagogy, faculty shortages and lack of quality faculty, relative lack of partnership amongst industry, research and academia, and other such challenges.

The report states that by 2030, emergence of a robust higher education system would enable India to:

  • Augment its Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) to 50%, with a student enrollment of more than 70 million across the higher education system
  • Reduce disparity in GER to 5 percentage points across states, gender and various social groups
  • Emerge as a single largest provider of global talent, with one in four graduates in the world being a product of the higher education system
  • Emerge as a better informed and evolved society, leading to improved social indicators including better health and sanitation, life expectancy, and law and order
  • Be among the top 5 countries in the world in terms of research output, with an annual R&D spend of US$ 140 billion
  • Have more than 20 universities among the global top 200
  • Attract global learners from all over the world and become a destination for higher education

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