Learn Anything In Peers’ Company

“We all have the ability to create more and not just consume on the web.” -Zach Sims, CEO, Codecademy

DLD (Digital – Life – Design) conference in MunichSpeaking at the invite-only DLD (Digital – Life – Design) conference in Munich, Codecademys co-founder and CEO Zach Sims said, “You should learn anything interactively and in the company of your peers.” To him, it is the one thing that makes Codecademy work so well which  has  created a community of learners who can encourage and help each other by building their own lessons.

Sims underlines the importance of creating content, rather than being just a consumer of online content. “Codecademy wants to enable its users to create”.

Sims argued that what made Codecademy work is the fact that it puts a focus on learning by doing and teaching skills that can be applied immediately.

When asked how Codecademy is different from other platforms like Udacity  and Cloudera , Sims argues that they are cracking the distribution problem, while Codecademy empowers people to not just learn but to become teachers themselves (through, for example, Codecademy’s user-created courses).
Adapted from : Codecademy’s Zach Sims Talks Education 2.0 And Learning To Code At DLD

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