Leveraging Technology To Make Mathematics Interesting: CBSE

A workshop,  “Enabling Mathematics Learning through Technology” , was organized by Ramanujan Foundation for Initiatives in Mathematics Education and Casio in Delhi to train teachers and principals to integrate technology while teaching Mathematics in schools.

Workshop emphasized at mapping the school syllabus of mathematics experimenting with technology and discovering the subject using Casio technology tools. Also, reiterated that the easily accessible software and hardware should be used to encourage experimentation of mathematics in every students learning experience. Handheld technology, such as, graphic calculators have the power to enhance conceptualization and visualization making the subject accessible to each student.

Mathematics can not be learnt in the classroom with text books and methods should be adopted to make the subject interesting,” said Vineet Joshi, chairman of the Central Board of Secondary Education, at a workshop held in Delhi on July 02 . The students need to be encouraged to think beyond the classroom. It is pointed out that students are not being encouraged to think beyond formulas and be innovative.

Planning is going on to organize inter-state competitions in all subjects to ensure that students start thinking beyond boundaries.


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