Must Have Mobile Apps for College Students

You are not a well-organized college student. Everywhere you go, you forget one or other important thing. Don’t worry. If you have got a smartphone or tablet, then you can choose from many amazing mobile apps especially designed for you. Most of them are free, and all of them are fabulously functional.

Here are some of the amazing apps that you can hardly ignore:

Amazon Student

Amazon Student  lets you search for the best deals on textbooks, then resell them in the Amazon Marketplace when the semester ends.

With the help of this barcode scanner feature you can buy a book at the cheapest rate possible. You just have to capture a barcode while browsing the campus bookstore. Amazon will then show you all the prices for that title and let you order it straight from the app.

This app is free and available for Android and iOS. Students get free two-day shipping for six months when they join.


When it comes to learning, drawing has the cognitive superpower. But you don’t need a pen and paper to access this cognitive superpower. All that you need is a mobile app. Paper is one such app.

This free app comes with basic features like pen and pencil tools. Paper is currently an Apple iOS-only app, but Android users can choose Sketchbook which is as good as Paper.

A fantastic tool for students and professionals alike.


From the DropBox app for Android or iOS , you can upload files — including photos and video — to the cloud, edit them from your mobile device, and share them with others. Best of all, DropBox is now integrated with Blackboard applications, as well.  is a simple but invaluable bit of freeware that every college student should have on their mobile device. It’s a responsive and functional mobile app that gives you definitions — obviously — as well as synonyms, antonyms, and context sentences. is available on Google Play or iTunes .

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