Online Learning Going Beyond MOOCs

Coursera’s Signature Track

In January 2013, Coursera launched Signature Track, a new option that will give students in select classes the opportunity to earn a Verified Certificate for completing their Coursera course. Signature Track securely links your coursework to your identity, allowing you to confidently show the world what you’ve achieved on Coursera.

Signature Track offers:

  • Identity Verification:  Create a special profile to link your coursework to your real identity using your photo ID and unique typing pattern.
  • Verified Certificates: Earn official recognition from Universities and Coursera for your accomplishment with a verifiable electronic certificate.
  • Sharable Course Records: Share your electronic course records with employers, educational institutions, or anyone else through a unique, secure URL.


EdX, the not-for-profit online learning initiative founded by Harvard and MIT, has entered into a partnership with Google to jointly develop their open-source learning platform, known as Open EdX. The core edX offerings currently consist of a few dozen free “Massive Open Online Courses,” or MOOCs, from top-flight university partners like MIT, Harvard, and Berkeley–but the Open EdX vision goes far beyond that.

Google and edX will build out and operate, which will come online early next year. The site aims to be to online courses more or less what WordPress is to publishing: A free, open-source way for universities, institutions, businesses, and individuals to build and host courses in the cloud on any topic and in any format for a global audience.

Open Education Alliance

The Open Education Alliance (OEA) is an industry-wide alliance of employers and educators in the service of students throughout the world. It provides access to cutting-edge and relevant post-secondary education that empowers individuals to pursue successful careers in technology.

Unveiled in September this year by Udacity, OEA aims to provide students worldwide with the relevant and necessary skills and knowledge to pursue successful careers in technology.

OEA claims to have broaden the circle of industry partners, and also invite other educators. To participate, members of the alliance commit to assisting in the curation and development of a new 21st century curriculum and to connect learners with opportunities in industry.

Partners of OEA are:

  • AT&T
  • Autodesk
  • Cloudera
  • Cadence
  • Google
  • Intuit
  • Khan Academy
  • 23andMe

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