Peers Can Be The Best Teachers: Peter Norvig

“Peers can be the best teachers, because they’re the ones that remember what it’s like to not understand.”

“…with online course they  set about to disrupt traditional education, however in doing so they ended up making their online class much more like a traditional college class than other online classes,” says Peter Norvig, when increasing number of courses from Salman Khan,Stanford, Coursera, Udacity, MITx, etc. are making a beeline for online classes.

Peter Norvig is a computer scientist and expert in both artificial intelligence and online search. A fellow of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence and the author of the book Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Norvig along with Sebastian Thrun taught the Stanford University class “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence,” which was made available to anyone in the world. More than 160,000 students from 209 countries enrolled.

Peter Norvig  sums up,”So what have we learned? Well, we tried some old ideas and some new and put them together, but there are more ideas to try. Sebastian’s teaching another class now. I’ll do one in the fall. Stanford Coursera, Udacity, MITx and others have more classes coming. It’s a really exciting time.

Have a look at the video , where Peter Norvig explains that students learn best when they’re actively practicing. Try to engage them, to have them grapple with ambiguity and guide them to synthesize the key ideas themselves.  And that is how peers become the best teachers, because they’re the ones that remember what it’s like to not understand.

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