Are Most Schools Designed And Operated To Penalize Failure?

FDR High School English Classroom Spring-Summer of 1976
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Anthony Catalano via Compfight

“Reformers can’t have it both ways. If they want schools to develop the next Steve Jobs or J.K. Rowling, they have to let go of their obsession with test scores as indispensable evidence of quality education,” says  Walt Gardner, and further adds that ” many of “game-changers” and “impact players” exist under our very noses. But we’re too eager for quantitative data to nurture them. That’s a loss for students and for the nation.”

The article explains “use of standardized tests” are the “wrong instrument” and “instead of identifying innovators, they suppress them.”

In The Rare Find (Portfolio, 2011), George Anders wrote about what he calls “silent talent,” meaning ability that is easily overlooked.

  • Are most schools designed and operated to penalize failure?
  • Companies, like schools, seek to identify hard skills such as competencies with spreadsheets. What about soft skills , such as persistence?

Read the complete article here: Why Schools Don’t Teach Innovation, Education Week

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