Software Applications And Web Tools For Education

Rapid changes in the computer and communication  have prompted to  incorporate technology in educational functions. Educational applications, software programs designed to run on PCs, iPads,smartphones, cellphones, etc,   help students, educators, teachers, are precisely changing the way interaction, contribution and collaboration are done in today’s education system. 

Educational software and web tools have precisely  revved up the education and learning experience for  every stakeholder on the education domain. To make the most of a career in education, and to help you find the best, Knowledge Empowered explores and evaluates some software, applications, which are hot favorites :

Dropbox Offers Best Cloud Storage

Dropbox is simple and  elegant file-synchronization tool. It is a cloud-based service that syncs data across different computers and allows you to access your files on any computer that either has the Dropbox software installed or has access to the internet.

Dropbox is great for helping students and teachers keep their files as mobile as they are. It gives you access to your files no matter what computer or device you have at hand. Best of all, it can be used on any operating system: PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Blackberry. One of the features that makes Dropbox so popular is the number of Apps that are now compatible with it.  Many of these actually have Dropbox features built into them allowing for easy use, quick sharing and efficient file transfer from within the app.

Students can e-mail a class paper to their professors, send notes to a friend, and upload pictures directly from your phone to Dropbox.  Automatically, the uploaded files will appear in your Dropbox folder on your other devices as well.

Dropbox is good  for collaborating on projects, where that two persons can edit the same file simultaneously and both edits are preserved. It also spare you with  endless email chains back and forth in order to keep each other updated on the latest going-ons of the project. All you need to do is to just open up the Dropbox folder, and pull out the most recent version of the file.

One attractive feature  of  Dropbox is its bandwidth-saving facility that  helps you upload and download only the parts of files that change during revisions.

Dropbox has developed Android and Apple apps allowing you to view, edit, e-mail and send files directly from your mobile devices.

How to Get Dropbox
Dropbox is available as a download from the company’s website. Go for Dropbox Basic, which gives you 2GB of storage at no cost.



Educreations Helps Teachers To Create Video Tutorials For Students

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard, a superbly designed and laid-out iPad Application, is a brilliant teaching tool. This iPad Application  turns any iPad or web browser into a recordable, interactive whiteboard, making it easy for teachers and experts to create engaging video tutorials and share them on the web.

Students can replay these lessons any time, any place, on any connected device. So, it’s a whiteboard that speaks. If you are a teacher, it puts your lessons on the web so that your students can watch them anywhere and anytime. A teacher can save and share tutorials via Email, Facebook and Twitter. It is one of the best educational iPad Apps.

Educreations gives teachers the opportunity to do something similar to what Salman Khan has been doing for years.

How to Get Educreations

Go to Educreations and register yourself to give it a try.


Science 360 For Quality Science And Engineering Information

Science 360 is a free, high-quality science and engineering news and information app published by the National Science Foundation, which provides a 360-degree panorama of tap-and-learn science.

Science 360 is a tool perfect for science- and nature-loving kids and curious minds of all ages and backgrounds, who love discovering the science behind everything.

In the virtual discovery chamber , it has hundreds of easy to access science pictures and videos  that include detailed explanations of various topics in science. It is a very visual and fun way to learn the subjects and includes good informational data.

What are you waiting for! Go and visit Science 360


Wolfram Alpha : A Computational Knowledge Engine

Wolfram Alpha,  a  “computational knowledge engine”,  is one of the web’s most impressive pieces of technology. More important, it’s an enormously useful reference tool.


WolframAlpha offers a multitude of functions including plotting graphs, calculations and getting data for just about anything. It really does everything. When it comes to factual information such as math, science and basic information about history, it knows a lot — and it lets you ask about it in plain English and nearly always understands what you want. It’s a calculator. It’s a music database. Encyclopaedia. Stock tracker. Dictionary. Currency converter. You get the idea. You name it, WolframAlpha does it.





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