MOOCs: Democratizing Education

Clay Shirky: ‘We lecture other people every day about learning from history. Now it’s our turn’

The top 250 colleges in the US cover only three per cent of the current US student population.
Outside the elite institutions, though, the other 75% of students in the US


Bill Gates On The Future of Higher Education

Bill Gates

Bill Gates talks about his vision for how colleges can be transformed through technology.


Cloud-related Trends Impacting Higher Education

Cloud applications will prove to be the most cost-effective, efficient way to keep pace with new ways to communicate with students, administrators, recruiters and the IT department. 2012 will be the year that the cloud secures its foothold in higher education.


Cloud Revolutionizing Distance Education

Advent of 90s, saw emerging software companies were the forerunners in online education, developing proprietary learning management systems (LMS) to serve colleges and jostling for clients. Now “cloud” computing is offering the delivery and storage of an array of computing services on the Internet coupled with the increased use of mobile devices and other changes [...]


Online Learning: Disruption in Education


“…education is highly regulated; it is first and foremost about the future of children—and thus the future of our country as well—so the stakes are high…” says Clayton Christensen , who has recently been declared rank #1 among the 50 most influential management gurus by Thinkers 50.