HBMeU Launches Social Online Learning


UAE-based Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University (HBMeU) has launched its Social Online Learning (SOL) initiative through the social networking site Facebook. The move is part of the University’s strategy to expand its core academic offerings to include competitively-priced social online learning services that feature training courses in math, science, information technology, English language, business skills and [...]


The Future Of Higher Education [INFOGRAPHIC]


The rapid changes in Higher Education has been staggering. Have a look at the insightful infographic on the “Future of Higher Education”: RecommendShareTweetEmail Post


Online Courses: Technology’s Educational Value or Possibilities of Lower Costs?

Massive Open Online Courses

Are MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)  the answer to our pedagogical shortcomings? Are MOOCs due to the technology’s intrinsic educational value or to the seductive possibilities of lower costs? A MOOC is massive open online course; it is a tuition-free course taught over the Web to a large number of students.The current wave  of MOOCs [...]


School Reform For Realists

Business leaders are pushing for school reforms with great urgency. In recent times, many business houses have collaborated with schools. Many schools, in association with business houses, adopted new ideas, introduced new technologies. However, most of these ideas don’t seem to be working in practice. What were these ideas? Why are they not working? And what is the way forward?


Big Data On Campuses: Places Of Intuition And Serendipity

Data mining hinges on one reality about life on the Web: what you do there leaves behind a trail of digital breadcrumbs. Companies scoop those up to tailor services, like the matchmaking of eHarmony or the book recommendations of Amazon. Now colleges, eager to get students out the door more efficiently, are awakening to the opportunities of so-called Big Data.


Leveraging Technology To Make Mathematics Interesting: CBSE

A workshop, “Enabling Mathematics Learning through Technology” , was organized by Ramanujan Foundation for Initiatives in Mathematics Education and Casio in Delhi to train teachers and principals to integrate technology while teaching Mathematics in schools.


Bill Gates On The Future of Higher Education

Bill Gates

Bill Gates talks about his vision for how colleges can be transformed through technology.


How To Build Career in Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing is supposed to generate at least 14 million new jobs across the globe within the next three years. The best way to start building your career in cloud computing is by earning some cloud computing certifications.


Five U.S. Universities To Offer Free Online Courses

New Picture

Five prestigious U.S. universities will teach free online courses for students worldwide through a new, interactive education platform called Coursera. The courses will be designed and taught by professors at Stanford, Princeton, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Michigan.


Online Learning: Disruption in Education


“…education is highly regulated; it is first and foremost about the future of children—and thus the future of our country as well—so the stakes are high…” says Clayton Christensen , who has recently been declared rank #1 among the 50 most influential management gurus by Thinkers 50.