MasteryConnect gets funding boost


Recently, MasteryConnect  raised $4.1 million in series A financing, a round that will remain open for the next month or so. Catamount Ventures led the investment, while the second-largest chunk came from the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, with contributions from Deborah Quazzo of GSV Advisors and existing investor, LearnCapital. The new round adds to [...]


Anywhere, Anytime, Now In Any Language Learning


In a bid to remove the last big hurdle towards universalizing of education, Coursera has joined hands with crowdsourced captioning service provider, Amara . Under the agreements, Amara will translate and transcribe Coursera’s courses in dozens of languages.


Hybrid Learning: Project-based Online Learning With In-person Workshops

hybrid learning

Hybrid Learning combines project-based online learning with in-person workshops. Skillshare is taking the lead in this direction. It has just launched hybrid classes. Skillshare’s mission is to create a better way to learn real world skills.


Leveraging Technology To Make Mathematics Interesting: CBSE

A workshop, “Enabling Mathematics Learning through Technology” , was organized by Ramanujan Foundation for Initiatives in Mathematics Education and Casio in Delhi to train teachers and principals to integrate technology while teaching Mathematics in schools.


English Language Learners Hone Thinking Skills With Bloom Taxonomy

English language learners (ELLS) should be developing thinking skills as they acquire English,and they should be asked critical thinking questions from all levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.


Teaching Kids Math Through Computer Programming

Why are we teaching people math? What’s the point of teaching people math? Why are we teaching them math in general? Why is it such an important part of education as a sort of compulsory subject? From rockets to stock markets, many of humanity’s most thrilling creations are powered by math. So why do kids [...]