50 Smartest Colleges In America

10Smartest Colleges US

The Ivy League and Stanford  are not the smartest colleges in America. It is,Washington University in St. Louis, which emerged top of Lumosity’s annual ranking of the “smartest colleges in America.” MIT, last year’s winner, came in second, followed by Princeton University, Northwestern, and Carnegie Mellon.  Surprisingly, Harvard and Yale came in eight and ninth, [...]


MIT’s Free Creative Class For Creative Learners


An online experiment, learning by the seats of our pants … with you! This  free Learning Creative Learning course from the MIT Media Lab is a BIG experiment. For the first time, MIT Media Lab has opened the course to online participants.  Though the course starts on February 11th, but the sign-ups close on Friday the [...]


Berkeley To Join EdX: The Free Online Learning Partnership


In the tussle to have a niche role in the world of online education, the University of California, Berkeley, has joined edX, the free nonprofit online learning venture founded by Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Berkeley will be offering two courses, contributing new open-source technology and heading a soon-to-be-formed consortium of universities joining [...]


Online Education Heading For Infotainment

As more and more universities and colleges are moving into the crowded and distractible world of the Web and offering online courses, they realize the importance of appearance. They are vying for students’ attention, which is under assault from all sort of entertainment. That’s why they are turning education into infotainment.


Carbon Dioxide And The Greenhouse Effect


This video  from MIT+K12 will explore human influence on climate. In particular, it shows an experiment showing how greenhouse gasses absorb long wave-radiation comparatively more than air. RecommendShareTweetEmail Post


Harvard And MIT Offer Online Classes Free Leveraging EdX

Hey Distance learners !  Seemingly a manna from academic heaven. Harvard University joins hands with The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with the announcement of  their new non-profit edX online learning initiative , which will provide impetus to on-campus teaching and, more importantly, make courses from both schools available to people around the world for free. Through [...]