50 Smartest Colleges In America

10Smartest Colleges US

The Ivy League and Stanford  are not the smartest colleges in America. It is,Washington University in St. Louis, which emerged top of Lumosity’s annual ranking of the “smartest colleges in America.” MIT, last year’s winner, came in second, followed by Princeton University, Northwestern, and Carnegie Mellon.  Surprisingly, Harvard and Yale came in eight and ninth, [...]


New York Univ And Codecademy To Teach Computer Programming


The department of media, culture, and communication in NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development recently announced a partnership with Codecademy to provide a 10-week programming course this semester.


Class2Go: An Online Platform For Teaching And Research

Stanford Online

Stanford’s Computer Science Department has launched an online platform which allows professors the flexibility to incorporate other online tools and conduct research as they teach. The platform called Class2Go  has been developed by a team of eight engineers. Presently, Stanford offers 16 free online courses. And two of them will be available on Class2Go platform [...]


Future Of Universities At The Onslaught Of Online Learning

What future universities will look like as a whole, was the most debatable issue among the participants, who strongly agreed that education is broader than content. Though some concerns were raised about the loss of physical intimacy and intellectual proximity of a real-world campus in the virtual space. But there was an unanimity among the participants about the inevitability of blend of offline and online education.


India Today Ranks India’s Best Universities for 2012


India Today has recently published its special Universities Survey and Rankings for 2012 . Now in its third edition, the survey assesses the quality of quality of India’s universities in postgraduate degree in the arts, science, and commerce.

Apart from ranking India’s top 50 universities, India-Today-AC Nielsen survey has published the separate list of five fastest risers and five biggest losers.