The Future Of Education: Creativity, Personalization And Innovation

Presently, there are two interesting conversations going on in education. The first centres around creativity and the second is about personalization and innovation. These two conversations will come together and drive the education conversation for the next 20 years.

The creativity fraternity has been around since the days of Dewey, only now with a new set of champions preaching the virtues of authentic tasks and constructivist learning. After some false starts, the personalization pack is embracing technology to create new delivery models for learning, with the promise of dismantling the factory model of education.

Creativity in education never fulfilled its potential because it could not ideologically co-exist with the basic skills camp. Students need a foundation of skills and context to engage in progressively deeper learning. There is more than one way to learn foundational knowledge and personalized learning can help.

The merging of the creativity and personalization movements can lead to new ideas with unexpected results. When young lovers see that the world can be better, they make it their life mission to create “amazing.”

The tribes driving these conversations have gone for  mingling of the two views. Just in the last few weeks:

So it doesn’t matter if you belong to the creativity or the personalization; there is enough goodness to go around. More often than not, young ones can work closely to make everything hang together.

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