The History Of eLearning Infographic 2012


AIn 1924, Ohio State University professor Sidney Pressey invented the “Automatic Teacher”, the first device in electronic learning. The “Automatic Teacher” was designed to let students drill and test themselves. However, this first try wasn’t successful.

In 1954, Harvard professor BF Skinner created the “Teaching Machine” for use in schools. The teaching machine was a mechanical device whose purpose was to administer a curriculum of programmed instruction.

B.F Skinner. Teaching machine and programmed learning
From B.F. Skinner experimental study of learning come devices which arrange optimal conditions for self-instruction: the Teaching Machines

In 1960, PLATO – Programmed Logic for Automated Teaching Operations – was the first computer-based trainng (CBT) program. Originally, PLATO was built by the University of Illinois and functioned for four decades, offering coursework (elementary–university) to UIUC students, local schools, and other universities.

PLATO Learning System Software
On June 3, 2010, the Computer History Museum hosted a 6-session conference on the PLATO learning system. Session 3 was entitled “PLATO Software: Driven by a Clear, Compelling Challenge.”

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