Time To Introduce Social Media Education in School

social mediaMany youngsters use social media without having an understanding of its power. This is the manifestation of education without learning. The practice which all of us were so used to until recently.

With education coming on to social media platform, youngsters need to be equipped with all the bells and whistles of this platform. Challenge is to educate them how to use various tools of media responsibly.

Just being young, does not make you a Social Media Expert 

Some of the critical points that need to be paid attention to while searching for a curriculum for social media education are:

Fraud Filters: Find a curriculum that addresses the concept of fraud filters as well as privacy. Social media is an unfiltered stream. Instead of just blocking access to social platforms or punishing bad behavior, teach students how to implement filters on their social channels.

Privacy Settings: Privacy settings on social media platforms change frequently. Make sure students are educated on the latest changes in platform privacy settings. Unfortunately, Facebook won’t send out an update every time they make a change that affects your privacy settings. And history shows that when social media channels make any changes to their platform, they always default the privacy settings associated with the change to the most public use.

Dangerous Applications: New social media applications emerge daily. Not all of them are good for you. In fact, some of them may pose a threat to users’ privacy. Students, parents, coaches, and faculty need to be alerted about these applications on a constant basis.

Importance of Facilitator: Find a facilitator/provider that specializes in education, not just tools. This is not a job for social media marketers. And teaching students how to set their privacy levels on applications is only the starting line, not the finish line.

Don’t you think it is time to introduce social media education  in schools to let students use it sensibly?

Adapted From :Do We Need Social Media Education in Schools Now?


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