Tools That Help Flip The Classroom

Flipping the classroom is one of the hottest trends in education. Below is a simple list designed to help get any educator, administrator, student, or parent a bit more familiar with some of the most popular web tools for flipped classrooms:

Wikispaces :  It is a free and useful web tool designed to give students the ability to share their thoughts, reflect on the work of others, and edit a body of work together. Many teachdrs also use it to power their classroom blog. Through it, teachers pose questions to a flipped classroom where students must determine the answer in an online collaboration space.

Poll Everywhere : One of the most popular educational web tools available, it is being used by classrooms, conferences, and with audiences large and small to get instant feedback. This tool is also free. Through this tool feedback could be garnered from students by students, without getting teachers involved in this process.

Edmodo : Considered to be the most-used web tool in education right now, it is a classroom management platform designed to facilitate learning in all directions: it lets students ask questions to other students, teacher to student, parent to teacher.

In an Edmodo-enabled flipped classroom, Students can continue discussions online, run polls, ask questions of classmates and others.

Celly: Used by many teachers who wrote in in southeast Asia and parts of Australia, Celly is a hit with schools with limited network reliability and availability. It works by letting groups of people (classrooms, student groups, etc.) create a ‘cell’ using the app.Students use Celly to connect with one another at anytime, anywhere. They use the text-based social network to pose questions of each other, direct learning, and even create assignments based on where students want to go in their learning next.

Dropbox: It is a popular cloud storage service, basic version of which is free. Its classroom folder that every student can pull and place data in, enables students, teachers, and parents to work off the same set of information at the same time.

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